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This customer wants to install a stand-alone electricity generation system for his home, which needs to be equipped with batteries and does not need to sell electricity to the grid. This customer has long hours of electricity use, but none of the loads are very powerful. It needs to generate 50 kWh per day and to guarantee power in the absence of light when a 10 kWh battery is required.

15kW off grid solar energy system

Based on the above customer’s electricity consumption, we have provided a 15kW off-grid PV system, which is completely independent of the grid. The total power of the system is 15kW, with a daily power output of approximately 53.14kWh and a battery storage capacity of 10.24kWh, which is sufficient to meet the customer’s needs and can be expanded if required later.

The following is a list of the products we supplied:

  • 410W solar panel * 36pcs (size: 1722mm*1134mm*35mm)

  • 5kW hybrid Inverter * 3pc (sine wave)

  • 10.24kWh lithium battery * 1pc (51.2V 200Ah)

  • PV combiner box * 3

  • Bracket for 36pcs solar panels (rooftop mounting system)

  • Cable & connecter

Circuit connection diagram

The diagram below shows the circuit connections for this solution. As you can see the system is roughly divided into three parts. the electricity generated by the 12 photovoltaic panels is fed into the controller and then to the inverters. Eventually the three inverters are connected together. The electricity generated by them can be stored in batteries or used by the load. In addition, although off-grid electricity cannot be fed into the grid, it can be used to supplement the mains electricity when there is no sunlight.

Roof placement diagram

As can be seen in the picture below, three parts of the customer’s house have been selected for the installation of solar panels. These are the three locations with the best lighting conditions to ensure the efficiency of the PV system. The placement is such that it ensures that the area of the roof with good light is maximized.

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You will need to provide: 1. the amount of electricity used. 2. the type and power of the load. 3. the electricity consumption habits (daytime/nighttime consumption). 4. the need to store electricity. 5. the need to feed electricity to the mains. 6. drawings or address of the installation site. 7. other special requirements

We can provide you with a quotation, a specification for all products, a circuit connection diagram and a diagram of the installation and placement of the PV panels. Any other requirements and adjustments needed can be discussed with our team.

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