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System Overview

6MWh Battery storage solution

Energy storage container structure distribution map

Product Details

Bi-directional Power Conversion System

Flexible configuration

• 3P3W AC output for 400/480/208/690Vac
• 62.5kW to 500kW by 1 to 8 power modules.

High Efficiency & Stability

• Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%
• Multi-string technology for better battery safety and performance

Extensive Use

• Multiple battery strings working in parallel or independently

Compliance & Compatibility

• Compatible with various types of battery system.
• Global grid certified & listed

Smart Transfer Switch Cabinet

Flexible Configuration

• Optional indoor and outdoor installation
• Compatible with various Sinexcel PCS

High Efficiency & Stability

• Active switching from grid-following to grid-forming time: 0ms
• Passive switching from grid-following to grid-forming time: ≤200ms

Extensive Use

• Auto-switching between on-grid and off-grid for backup
• Equipped with smart meters for grid-support monitoring

Safety & Compatibility

• Controlled by/with PCS & EMS

Battery Rack, Cabinet

Safe and reliable

Self-designed 3 level BMS

Easy installation and maintenance

Standard rack and module, front maintenance

High power density

LFP battery,≥166Wh/kg

Flexible customization

For different application and installation

EMS Controller Cabinet
Provides data for the microgrid dispatch control center

According to management, monitoring, control and optimization, to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the energy storage system.

The energy management system can be connected

Receiving instructions from the superior dispatching system can also monitor the operation of each equipment in the container system.

In the energy storage system, EMS will set up the energy storage converter PCS, battery management system (BMS), and environmental monitoring equipment

Equipment, fire protection system, air conditioning, etc. are connected to the monitoring system.

Container fire protection scheme

Septafluoropropane fire extinguisher

The battery side adopts a cabinet-type septafluoropropane fire extinguisher to ensure that the gas is filled with the entire battery compartment within 10s and is effectively extinguished Fire.


Equipped with smoke sensor, temperature sensor, combustible gas detection, sound and light alarm system and gas discharge indicator.

Dry powder fire extinguisher

Considering that the PCS cabinet has perfect overheating protection, short circuit protection, etc., fire is very limited working conditions, and there is a smoke sensor, once the alarm signal is detected, the system shuts down, and dry powder is used here to extinguish the fire spare fire extinguishing.

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