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This system mainly includes:

Energy storage converter (PCS): 1 set of 500kW off-grid bidirectional energy storage converter, connected to the grid at 0.4KV AC bus, realize Two-way flow of power.

The battery 2P192S thru 0.5C battery cell. The whole system relies on LFP chemistry to provide stable, high-safety, and high-power performance. The capacity of each cell is 3.2V 280Ah.

Material list:

System Connection Diagram:

BMS functionality:

High-precision monitoring and reporting of battery analog parameters down to cell level. Monitoring analyzes data and detects states which require attention, automated action, or notification to external systems such as rack-level real-time voltage detecting, charge/discharge current detecting, single battery PACK voltage detecting, multi-point temperature detecting, and battery RACK isolation detecting.

BESS operation alarm, local alarm display, and reporting function.Includes system over-voltage alarm, under-voltage alarm, overcurrent alarm, system high-temperature alarm, system low-temperature alarm, system leakage alarm, system abnormal communication alarm, and system internal abnormal alarm.

system protection function when any of the measured analog levels of

voltage, current, and temperature exceeds the system protection threshold values, the system will perform fault isolation. Protection will disconnect the faulty battery RACK from the system and stop operation, report protection information, and at the same time display corresponding messages on LCD. BMS has three level protection functions. Self-diagnosis function BMS has a self-diagnosis function that detects issues with internal or external communications. It will report communication interruptions and rise corresponding alarms. In addition, it detects abnormal analog measurements and other abnormal situations. Self-test result status is indicated on local displays and sent for reporting to the monitoring system External communication For integration between system functional elements and external entities

Following protocols are used:

FSS (Fire Suppression System)

The FSS is composed of Gas Fire Extinguishing device, Automatic Fire Alarm system, Combustible Gas detection System. The FSS Each battery cabinet equip with independent Aerosol automatic fire

extinguisher, Under this conditions the FSS will release the aerosol agent.

Liquid Cooling System

The control system automatically controls the work of the liquid cooling system according to battery temperature. Cooling liquid powered by the pump circulates inside the battery modules and takes the heat from the batteries. The hot liquid will circle back to a heat-exchanging tank. Inside the heat exchange tank, the refrigerant will absorb the heat from the hot liquid and cool down the liquid.

Advantages of Liquid Cooling system:

1. Higher cooling capacity
2. Lower noise emission
3. Better temperature uniformity

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