What Is A Hybrid Solar System? Is It Worth It?

Hello, everyone, if you are interested in going solar, it’s important to know about the options in market. The ones that have to be mentioned are the hybrid solar systems, which are connected to the grid but also have special hybrid inverter and battery modules that enable the system to provide power when the grid fails.


A hybrid solar system means that your solar panels remain connected to the grid and have a backup battery system to store excess power.

The working principle

A hybrid solar system works by taking the solar energy absorbed by the solar panels and passing it through a solar inverter to produce usable electricity, which then delivers the energy to your home. The electricity is then delivered either to your home, to your storage battery, or to the grid.

Here’s a reference for a 12kW Hybrid System


Continuous power

The great thing about a hybrid solar system is that you get power no matter what the situation. With battery backup, the excess power generated by the solar panels is stored in the battery. In that way, when the sun isn’t shining, the battery can keep you powered at night, during system outages, or inclement weather. As a result, the hybrid solar systems are particularly attractive to residents in areas prone to power outages, especially if they last longer.

Make the most of renewable energy

As mentioned earlier, with a hybrid solar system, by feeding energy from a hybrid inverter into your own batteries and then returning the excess energy to the grid, you can be confident that you are utilizing as much clean, renewable energy as possible.

Is installing a hybrid solar system better than going completely off-grid?

When you’re completely off-grid, you’ll only have a backup battery to maintain your energy usage, whereas a hybrid solar system can draw power from either the battery or the grid. And with a hybrid solar system, if you overuse your battery, or have a few days of bad weather when the solar panels don’t get enough energy, the grid connection will help provide power until you can start generating your own power again.

Without this backup, you could find yourself without power during a snowstorm or hurricane.

Benefits of a hybrid solar system – is it worth it?

As mentioned earlier, a hybrid solar system is an excellent way to control the power supply. With solar panels and backup batteries, you can be self-sufficient, while being connected to the grid for more reliable electricity.

A hybrid solar system can save you money by reducing your electricity bills, even if the upfront system cost is higher. The hybrid system is unique in that your home’s electricity is still guaranteed during inclement weather and nighttime use. Moreover, in addition to being used for loads, the electricity generated by solar energy can also be sold to the grid, which can shorten the recovery period of the initial investment.

The hybrid solar system is the best way to ensure that you never run out of power. If you have any questions or confusions about the hybrid solar system, you can consult MAXBO NEW ENERGY. Its professionalism can provide customers with the most suitable services and quotations.

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