The role and significance of residential energy storage systems

Generally, a residential energy storage system mainly stores the electricity generated by solar panels in batteries, making it convenient for families to use it at any time.

Residential energy storage systems are similar to micro energy storage power stations, and their operation is not affected by city power supply pressure. During low power consumption periods, the battery pack in a residential energy storage system can recharge itself for use during standby power peaks or power outages. In addition to being used as an emergency power source, since the residential energy storage system can balance the power load, it can save household electricity costs to a certain extent.

Residential energy storage system is also an important component of distributed energy resources. Compared with the construction of centralized power plants and high-voltage transmission and distribution lines, distributed energy resources can achieve lower costs, improve service reliability, improve power quality, improve energy efficiency and energy independence, while providing significant environmental benefits.

Residential photovoltaic energy storage system consists of photovoltaic on/off-grid system, energy storage inverter, battery and load. For villa families, a 5kW-10kW photovoltaic energy storage system can meet daily electricity consumption; during the day when there is light, the solar panels on the roof can provide all the power of the villa family and at the same time supply power to new energy vehicles. When these basic appliances are satisfied, the remaining power will enter the energy storage battery to prepare for night energy needs and cloudy weather, ensuring the effective function of the entire residential energy storage system.

In addition, if you need 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, it is very important to be equipped with an energy storage device, that is, an energy storage battery. Otherwise, it can only be used with good conditions of weather conditions and cannot be functional when the power is suddenly cut off.

If you want to install your own residential energy storage system, it is very necessary to consult a professional supplier team. You can trust the Maxbo Group, which is experienced and can provide you with professional advice and tier-1 products.

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