Maxbo Off-Grid Solar Inverter 3kW 8kW 10kW 20kW 30kW

Off-grid solar inverter, Three Phase, European Standard
Power: 3.2kW 4.8kW 5.6kW 6.4kW 8kW 10kW 15kW 20kW 25kW 30kW
Warranty: 5 year
Brand: Maxbo Solar


Maxbo Solar Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters: Unlocking the Power of Versatile and Reliable Energy Solutions

Maxbo Solar is delighted to introduce our Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters, designed to cater to a wide range of energy needs with power capacities ranging from 3.2kW to 30kW. These exceptional inverters stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, dependable, and versatile solar energy solutions. Compliant with European standards and backed by a solid 5-year warranty, Maxbo Solar remains a trusted brand, dedicated to illuminating the path to a sustainable future.

Advantages in Application:

Our Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters offer a multitude of advantages in various applications:

  1. Versatile Power Range: With power capacities spanning from 3.2kW to 30kW, our inverters are well-suited for a broad spectrum of applications, from residential homes to commercial ventures, agricultural use, and more. Their adaptability ensures that they can be tailored to match precise energy requirements.
  2. Energy Cost Savings: Utilizing solar power dramatically reduces energy costs across different applications. Homeowners can enjoy reduced electricity bills, while businesses can enhance profitability by curbing operational expenses.
  3. Quality Assurance: Maxbo Solar’s Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters adhere to European standards for quality and safety, ensuring that they are manufactured to the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our 5-year warranty.
  4. Reliability: Reliability is paramount in any application. Our inverters ensure a consistent and stable power supply, vital for powering essential appliances, equipment, and machinery.
  5. Remote and Off-Grid Power: In remote areas or locations without access to the electrical grid, our inverters provide a lifeline by enabling access to clean and reliable solar power.

Power Range Advantages:

The diverse power range of our Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters empowers users with various advantages:

  1. Residential Applications (3.2kW – 10kW): Homeowners can choose an inverter that precisely matches their energy needs, allowing them to efficiently power lights, appliances, and heating or cooling systems.
  2. Commercial Ventures (10kW – 30kW): Businesses can benefit from reliable power to run office equipment, lighting, HVAC systems, and more. The scalable power range caters to businesses of various sizes.
  3. Agricultural Use (10kW – 30kW): Farms and agricultural operations can harness solar power to run irrigation systems, machinery, and other critical equipment.

Quality Assurance:

At Maxbo Solar, we prioritize quality at every step of the manufacturing process. Our Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters are:

  • Manufactured to European Standards: We adhere to stringent European quality and safety standards, ensuring that our products meet the highest industry benchmarks.
  • Reliability Tested: Each inverter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it operates efficiently and reliably under varying conditions.
  • Backed by Warranty: We stand by the quality of our inverters with a 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Working Principle:

The working principle of our Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters is simple and effective:

  1. Solar Panel Generation: Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. Inverter Conversion: The DC electricity is directed to the Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverter, which efficiently converts DC power into alternating current (AC) electricity. This AC power can be used to directly power electrical loads within the application.
  3. Battery Storage (Optional): Excess energy can be stored in battery systems, providing a reserve of power for use during periods of low sunlight or as a backup during power outages.
  4. Grid Interconnection (Optional): In some cases, applications may choose to interconnect their solar systems with the grid, allowing for two-way energy flow. Surplus energy can be fed back into the grid, potentially generating revenue through net metering.

Maxbo Solar Rack-Mounted Off-Grid Solar Inverters are a testament to our commitment to delivering quality, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it’s illuminating homes, powering businesses, or driving agricultural operations, our inverters stand as a reliable and sustainable energy solution.

Choose Maxbo Solar for your solar energy needs and experience the versatility and dependability of clean, renewable solar power across a wide array of applications. Maxbo Solar: Lighting Up Lives, Energizing Businesses, and Powering a Sustainable Future.

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