Overview of off-grid solar systems in island scenario

According to statistics, the total number of islands in the world reaches more than 50,000, with a total area of approximately 9.97 million square kilometers, accounting for about 1/15 of the global land area. In islands in most countries and regions, due to the inaccessibility of traditional energy sources such as coal and natural gas, and the lack of reliable power grids and transmission lines, most island residents choose to use diesel engines as their main source of electricity.

With the development of new energy technology, photovoltaic power generation technology has gradually become a better choice for power supply in island areas. Solar power generation does not emit harmful gases, does not produce other pollution, and does not require the consumption of expensive imported fuel. It only requires free sunlight to continuously generate clean electricity.

But compared with diesel power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation has a major disadvantage – availability. Photovoltaic modules do not generate electricity at night, and the amount of electricity generated during the day also fluctuates from time to time. Its power is unstable and lacks sustainability, making it difficult for islands to adopt it on a large scale. But the energy storage system can make the island power grid system, which mainly relies on intermittent photovoltaic power generation, more stable and provide high-quality, uninterrupted power supply.

Energy storage systems can also develop more other types of renewable energy, such as wind energy, tidal energy, etc. By setting up an off-grid new energy power supply system, we can help the island’s commercial and household users end their dependence on diesel power generation and thoroughly embrace clean energy around the clock.

Off-grid solar power generation system consists of:

Off-grid new energy power generation system mainly consists of solar panel array, photovoltaic off-grid inverter, battery pack, bracket and other components. It can be connected to other energy equipment such as wind turbines and backup diesel engines. MAXBO can offer customized solutions according to the user’s actual load conditions to form a multi-energy hybrid power supply system.

Advantages of off-grid system on islands:

·Effectively reduce island electricity costs and enjoy long-term economic benefits;

·No need to rely on fossil fuels to ensure continuous and stable power supply;

·The project is a one-time investment with a short payback period. The investment cost can be recovered within 2-3 years for self-use.

MAXBO has provided services and products to French Polynesia, British Virgin Islands, Papua New Guinea and other island countries many times. If you have any ideas, do feel free to contact the MAXBO team at any time.

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