MaxboSolar’s 5kW Off-Grid Solar System

MaxboSolar, a prominent name in the renewable energy sector, introduces its 5kW Off-Grid Solar System, designed to meet the energy needs of diverse applications. This article delves into the features and benefits of MaxboSolar’s offering, exploring the capabilities of the 5kW system and the array of electrical appliances it can power.

MaxboSolar’s 5kW Off-Grid Solar System:

5kW Off Grid solar system

Daily generating capacity: 15.36kWh Stored power: 6kWh

Key Components:

  1. 5kW Off-Grid Inverter: At the heart of MaxboSolar’s system is the 5kW off-grid inverter, a robust and efficient device that converts solar energy into usable electricity. This inverter is designed to handle a variety of loads, making it suitable for both resistive (up to 4kW) and inductive (up to 1.35kW) electrical appliances.
  2. 400W Solar Panels (12 units): The system comes equipped with 12 high-performance 400W solar panels, collectively harnessing solar energy to power your off-grid lifestyle. These panels are engineered for maximum efficiency and durability, ensuring a consistent and reliable energy supply.
  3. 12V100Ah Gel Batteries (5 units): MaxboSolar’s 5kW Off-Grid Solar System incorporates five 12V100Ah gel batteries, providing ample energy storage for periods of low sunlight or during nighttime. The gel battery technology ensures a longer lifespan, reduced maintenance, and enhanced safety.
  4. Customized Control Box: The control box serves as the brains of the system, managing the flow of energy and optimizing performance. MaxboSolar offers a customized control box tailored to the specific requirements of the 5kW Off-Grid Solar System, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation.
  5. 40m Photovoltaic Line: A set of 40 meters of photovoltaic line is included in the package, facilitating the connection between the solar panels, inverter, batteries, and control box. This high-quality wiring ensures minimal energy loss and optimal system efficiency.
  6. Mounting Bracket (Roof/Ground): MaxboSolar provides a versatile mounting bracket suitable for both roof and ground installations. This flexibility allows users to adapt the system to various environments, maximizing exposure to sunlight for increased energy harvest.

System Specifications:

  • Driven Electrical Appliances:
    • Resistive Load: Up to 4kW
    • Inductive Load: Up to 1.35kW
  • Installation Area:
    • Approximately 28.4 square meters

home solar systems residential

Advantages of MaxboSolar’s 5kW Off-Grid Solar System:

  1. Energy Independence: The 5kW Off-Grid Solar System empowers users to break free from traditional power sources, providing energy independence in remote locations or areas with unreliable grid access.
  2. Versatile Appliance Compatibility: With the ability to support both resistive and inductive loads, this system is versatile enough to power a wide range of electrical appliances, from lights and refrigerators to pumps and tools.
  3. Extended Battery Life: The gel batteries included in the system offer a longer lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. This enhances the overall reliability and longevity of the energy storage component.
  4. Efficient Energy Utilization: MaxboSolar’s system is designed for optimal energy utilization, ensuring that every ray of sunlight is effectively converted into usable electricity. The customized control box plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing energy flow.
  5. Easy Installation and Adaptability: The inclusion of a mounting bracket suitable for both roof and ground installations makes the system adaptable to various environments. Additionally, the straightforward installation process minimizes setup time and effort.
  6. Scalability: MaxboSolar’s off-grid solar systems are designed with scalability in mind. Users have the option to expand their solar capacity by adding more panels or batteries to meet evolving energy needs.


MaxboSolar’s 5kW Off-Grid Solar System finds application in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Remote Residences and Cabins
  • Agricultural and Farming Operations
  • Emergency Power Solutions
  • Off-Grid Workshops or Sheds
  • Backup Power for Critical Equipment


MaxboSolar’s commitment to sustainability and energy independence is exemplified in the 5kW Off-Grid Solar System. This comprehensive solution not only harnesses the power of the sun but does so with efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. Whether you seek to power a remote cabin, run essential equipment during emergencies, or simply reduce your reliance on the grid, MaxboSolar’s 5kW Off-Grid Solar System stands as a testament to the potential of renewable energy in shaping a more sustainable future.

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