Main Application Scenarios of Battery Energy Storage System Solutions on Source-Grid Side

With the construction of smart grid, the necessity of energy storage application in the power system is increasing day by day. Energy storage can effectively participate in the regulation and operation of the power grid in the power grid to meet the needs of regional power grid peak regulation, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, emergency response, black start, new energy Accommodate and other application requirements, enhance the availability of renewable energy, and ensure the normal operation of the power system.

New energy power station

By charging and storing energy during off-peak hours and discharging energy during peak hours, it can reduce the electricity cost of enterprises or parks and save electricity costs for customers.

Frequency regulation

Use the fast and accurate response capability of battery energy storage technology to participate in the AGC frequency regulation auxiliary service of the power grid, improve the response speed of the generator set and the KP value of the power plant, and obtain the power grid auxiliary service reward.

Power auxiliary services

Power auxiliary services refer to market-oriented auxiliary services provided by grid-connected power plants or power users in addition to normal power production to maintain the safe and stable operation of the power system and ensure power quality.

Delay investment in power transmission and distribution

The application of energy storage can effectively improve the service life of power infrastructure, improve the level of distributed energy, provide power to remote communities, and effectively delay the investment process of power transmission and distribution.

Emergency power support

The flexible adjustment of energy storage can improve the safe and stable operation capability of UHV AC and DC grids. Ensure the stability of power grid operation

Smooth new energy output

Through energy storage equipment, the power generation of new energy is stored, and when the power generation of new energy fluctuates, it provides the function of stabilizing the fluctuation in a short time.

Peak regulation

During the peak hours of electricity consumption, the energy storage system is supported by rapid discharge, which effectively relieves the pressure on the transmission and distribution stations due to the concentrated use of loads.

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