100MW/200MWh Source Network Storage Demonstration Project

The installed capacity of the project is 100MW/200MWh, including 99MW/198MWh lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system and 1MW/2MWh all vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage system, and a 220 kV booster station and a return transmission line are constructed.

With the increase in the proportion of new energy generation, the concept of “source network load storage”, a new power operation mode with overall planning of power source, power grid, load, and energy storage, has gradually become the focus of the industry. The integration of source network, load and storage, through various forms of interaction such as source source complementarity, source network coordination, network load interaction, network storage interaction, and source load interaction, in order to more economically, efficiently, and safely improve the power dynamic balance ability of the power system, is an important development path for building a new type of power system.

Overall, the integrated operation mode of “source network load storage” can fully leverage the regulatory capabilities of the power generation and load sides, promote precise matching between supply and demand sides, and ensure reliable power supply.

After the operation of the integrated demonstration project of source network storage, it can further enhance the flexibility of the local power system, effectively participate in peak shaving and frequency regulation of the power grid, promote the balance of power supply and demand, contribute to improving the local power grid’s new energy consumption capacity and safe and stable operation of the power grid, and also accumulate experience for the construction of subsequent centralized energy storage projects in the region.

During the implementation of the project construction process, Maxbo Energy Storage has received unanimous recognition from the local government for its specialized energy storage battery products and services. Based on the application requirements of the project, Maxbo provides high safety, long life, and high energy efficiency energy storage battery products, which enable the project’s energy storage system to have better consistency, long life, and low energy consumption, help improve power quality, friendly connection to the power grid, and provide reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the power grid.

Maxbo Energy Storage has always been customer-centric, providing excellent energy storage products and solutions to help customers achieve energy security and value creation.

Published On: June 23rd, 2020 / Categories: Design, News /

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