What is peak shaving? Why do we need peak shaving?

What is peak shaving?

The red line indicates that when no energy storage system is configured, the power system demand fluctuates greatly.

The blue line shows the situation after the energy storage system is configured. After the energy storage system is configured, it is charged in the night valley (midnight to 6 electricity on the figure), obtains electric energy from the grid, and stores it in the energy storage system; At peak times (8-11 o ‘clock, 16-19 o ‘clock on the figure), the energy storage system discharges as a supplement to the large amount of electrical energy needed.

Through the above explanation, we understand that cutting peaks and filling valleys can actually be literally cut off peaks to fill valleys.

The term is borrowed in the power system, the power load is dynamic change, usually in the day the power load is high, the night load is low, the actual use of the load shows a large difference between peak and valley

The power plant is difficult to achieve a balance between supply and demand, and once the generator starts to generate electricity, it can not be started and stopped at will. As a result, a lot of electricity is wasted at night when electricity consumption is low, and there may sometimes be insufficient electricity during the peak of the day. How to achieve a relatively balanced and stable load from the supply and demand side? Peak cutting and valley filling is a better solution, that is, part of the peak load is moved to the trough, in order to achieve the balance between power generation and electricity supply and demand.

Why do we need peak shaving?

It can be seen that the theoretical electricity consumption of each period is generally peak > normal > valley, and the electricity is basically in the daytime, and the valley power in the dead of night is basically not used in special cases.

And the price of electricity at all times,

It is also generally peak > normal > valley.

The state implements time-of-use electricity prices,

First, in order to guide users to use electricity reasonably,

The second is to reduce the peak-valley imbalance of the power system.

The charge for power grid, in the valley, the peak discharge, can reduce the load fluctuations, make the power system more stable, more safely running.For the individual, if can do it in the valley of the electricity is cheap to buy it with, do not use the electric power grid, when peak and the valley of directly using the buy good electricity, will be able to save some electricity, reduce the cost.

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