1.5mW / 1mWh Energy Storage system for factory

The energy storage systems were integrated in totally 3 containers

Location: Bahamas
Type: Off-Grid System

120kW / 138kWh Solar Energy Storage System

20FT Container Power Plant
The site is expected to operate on solar as the main source of power for the critical loads.
Power from the grid will be complementary and first back-up with the potential for sale of excess energy to the grid

Location: Zimbabwe
Type: Hybrid System

1mW / 1mWh Solar Energy Storage System

It's a 1mW stand alone system for a resort completely off the grid with 5mWh battery capacity.
The system supplies as the main power source for the resort

Location: Zimbabwe
Type: Off Grid System

500kW / 1mWh Solar Energy Storage System

The power required for daily production of the plant is about 1000kWh.
Total power of PV panel of the system: 550kW Solar Panels * 900=495kW
The daily power generation is about 1584kWh. Among them, 1000kWh will be used for production, and 584kWh will be stored in the equipped battery to prevent power failure or weather and other factors from affecting production.

Location: Zimbabwe
Type: Off Grid System

450kW / 500kWh Energy Storage System for factory

Each container includes 150kW inverter with 250kWh batteries( HPS150 + BR84 * 3 )
Twin containerized energy storage systems installed in Andorra for solar mitigation application.

Location: Andorra
Type: Hybrid System

768kW / 810kWh Energy Storage System for factory

A hybrid system installed for a garment factory to power for its manufacturing facilities
Supposed to produce 1.2 million kWh each year on average in the first 25 years,
the system will greatly cut electricity bills for the factory owner .

Location: Moldova
Type: Off-Grid System

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